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GLX Streamdance Fly Rod
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G Loomis Streamdance GLX - High Line Speed Fly Rod

This is the High Line Speed model and is the All Star of the GLX Lineup.  It is the "go to" rod for several of our guides and is a true "feel good" rod with super light smooth feel, but has surprising power that comes out of nowhere! This rod features the finest components available today, especially the flexible Nickel Titanium Alloy guides allow them to bend rather than snap. This also allows allows the blank more natural flex and responsiveness, which we all enjoy.

The first thing the Red's Fly Shop crew noticed about the Streamdance GLX was the incredible line speed and power that came out of a rod with such a lightweight and smooth feel.  Contrary to what we expected the GLX has some backbone when you lean on it and just when you think you are going to push the rod too hard it responds with some blistering line speed.  It is pleasantly surprising.

The Streamdance GLX's best attribute seems to be its all around fishability.  We have litterally taken a 3 weight line and put it on the 5 weight and it casts like a crisp 3 weight, we have also put 6 weight lines on the 5 weight and it casts like a medium action rod with all the same performance attributes it has with the 5 weight line.  It just has an all around great feel to it and is VERY easy to cast.

The only thing to take note of on this rod is that it is not an extremely fast action.   It is a smooth casting rod and has plenty of speed but if you are looking for a rod designed to throw tungsten headed streamers and sink tips into a 15 knot wind then look elsewhere!  It has a wide fishable range and will do anything you ask it to though.

Fly Reels for the G Loomis Streamdance GLX:

Most commonly, consumers buy fly reels that are approximately half again the cost of the the rod.  So for instance, a fly rod that is $500 typically matches well with a reel that costs somewhere around $250 give or take.  On the Streamdance GLX, we most commonly pair it up with 3 different reels.

The Lamson Litespeed is our most popular reel for the Loomis Streamdance GLX!

Abel Super Series
Abel Creek Series - #2 for the 5 weight
Lamson Litespeed
Sage 4200 Series

Fly Lines for the G Loomis Streamdance GLX:

We have 2 suggestions on floating fly lines for trout.  This is based on our experience and consumer input. 

Rio Gold - a high performance line that has a non-textured slick coating and is very good for experienced casters that don't necessarily need to "feel" the rod load in order to get a good cast.  This is our best selling floating fly line.

Scientific Anglers GPX Textured - another high performance line that is 1/2 a line weight heavier than traditional lines making fast action rods feel slightly more forgiving.  You will be able to feel the rod load a bit more.  The textured surface seems to float high, mend well, and we see great customer satisfaction with this fly line.

Fly Rod Buyer's Guide:

There are some other rods in this category of high performance.  Each has its own set of pros and cons but all are fantastic fly rods and you will be pleased with any of them. Other considerations might be the Sage ONE, it is a faster action rod and if you plan to streamer fish, nymph fish, and do so on big river in the wind that might be a good choice.  The G Loomis NRX Trout Rods (main rival to the Sage ONE - very similar fast action).  The RL Winston BiiiX is also a rival.  Most consider the BiiiX to have the most similar action to the Streamdance GLX.  All have similar lifetime warranties, Sage and Loomis typically have faster repair times if a breakage were to occur. 

Why the G Loomis Streamdance GLX versus other rods?

This is an easy rod to cast.  It can be cast with a fast stroke, slow stroke, and you can feel the rod load so it is intermediate to beginner friendly, BUT still has similar performance attributes to the extreme fast action high end rods.  It is rated as a "fast action" rod, but when you cast it alongside the other rods like the Sage ONE and the NRX, this rod has a much smoother feel which is easy on the elbow.  If you ever suffer from tendonitis or have pain in your casting arm, the action of this rod is easy to work with. 

The Streamdance GLX is great for anglers that want a high performance fly rod that can handle small dry flies and big flies with equal finesse.  For instance, an angler that wants to fish mid sized water with #18 dry flies but still wants to use the same rod when they step into a drift boat on the Missouri or the Yakima River might be a good match for the G Loomis Streamdance GLX.

Advanced Fly Casting

We have a couple of videos that might be useful if you are buying this rod.  Since it is a very high performance fly rod you will probably want to polish your casting stroke as well to take full advantage of its craftsmanship and energy.

Double Haul Fly Fly Casting

Advanced Reach Casting Techniques

One and a Half Cast Technique

Dry Fly Fishing Tips for Caddis

G Loomis Fly Rod Warranty:

G Loomis offers a lifetime warranty on the workmanship of the rod.  If for any reason while using this rod under normal fishing conditions, G Loomis will repair or replace the rod.  Loomis is based in Woodland, WA in the United States and they build all these rods on US soil.  Their repair and return time is arguably the best in the business.

Rod Cases and Rod Tube

The Streamdance GLX comes with a very nice tube and a sweet flannel rod sock.  The tube has rubber caps and is really cool.  Many anglers choose to get a Simms Rod and Reel Case as well so that they don't have to take their reel off of their rod each and every time they want to use it. 

G Loomis on the Streamdance GLX Fly Rods:

Fly fishing for trout is a mystical, almost spiritual event for many anglers. We put a bit of that spirit, along with a little of the mystique into each one of our fly rods. It's not always about catching the biggest or the most or in some cases, catching any fish at all, because for some, catching fish is a bonus. The feeling of peace and serenity we experience on the water is something we all love about fishing. It's being in the mountains and the valleys, surrounded by all that is beautiful in nature. It's the experience of making a nice loop or the satisfaction of a delicate presentation that fulfills a need deep in our souls. It's the expectation and exhilaration of watching a small dry fly floating high on the water as it makes it way through the likely feeding station of a big rainbow. It truly is a "dance on water" and it's what inspired us to create the StreamDance Series. We ventured down a new path cosmetically with these rods - shifting from the stark look of technology, embracing the beauty and spirit of what we know is truly the essence of fly fishing. We added subtle colors to mirror the memories in our mind's eye of the streamside experience. We added a unique "yin-yang" design cutout in our reel seat, with a beautiful wood insert made of California Buckeye Burl and the highest grade of species cork available to complete the handle. We added the magic of Steve Rajeff's intimate understanding of blank design and GLX, along with the lightest, most durable guides in the industry to complete a true work of art we call StreamDance. We're confident you'll like what you feel!

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Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
9501 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 383-3 - 8'3" - 3 Weight - 3 Piece
9502 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 486-4 - 8'6" - 4 Weight - 4 Piece
9503 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 490-4 - 9' - 4 Weight - 4 Piece
9506 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 5100-4 - 10' - 5 Weight - 4 Piece
1752 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 586-4 - 8'6" - 5 Weight - 4 Piece
1094 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 590-4 - 9' - 5 Weight - 4 Piece
9508 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 6100-4 - 10' - 6 Weight - 4 Piece
1120 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 690-4 -9' - 6 Weight - 4 Piece
9507 G Loomis Streamdance GLX Fly Rods - 696-4 -9'6" - 6 Weight - 4 Piece
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Versatile December 28, 2008
Reviewer: Joe Rotter from Ellensburg, WA United States  
I bought my first Loomis rod a couple of years ago, after being a long time and devout Sage owner and guide.  I thought that I would try something different and I really liked the feel of the Streamdance GLX.  After a couple of years and HUNDREDS of days on the water with my clients (whom cast all types of rods) most that fish with me agree that the 9' - 5 weight GLX is one of the finest trout rods ever made.  It has a light and very smooth feel but astounding power when you lean on it, you don't think that it will take the push needed for the wind or a long cast with a streamer and somehow it responds with extra and unexpected life.  

I am also VERY impressed with the durability of such a light taper.  My rods take some abuse and the GLX is very tough.

I still have lots of Sage rods but if I had to choose one rod to marry, it would be the GLX.

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