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  Sage 4200 Series Fly Reels
  Sage 4200 Series Fly Reels
Sage 4200 Series Fly Reels
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Sage 4200 Series Fly Reel

The Best Sage Fly Reel

This last year, like every year, George Cook from Sage brought over a bunch of new product to show us.  Typically we sit through the demo thinking the entire time "Sage is a rod company", this year after seeing the 4200 first hand we thought... "Sage is a reel company"!  The 4200 is the most impressive fly reel we have ever seen from Sage.  It has it all.  Light, sturdy, smooth drag, fully sealed, "click" increments to the drag system, and a really numbered cool peep site mechanism that allows you to see exactly where your drag is set from outing to outing.

Floating Tripod Drag In Sage 4200 Reels

The Floating Tripod Drag is one of the more unique configurations of Sage's Sealed Carbon System and stands by itself in the field. The Floating Tripod consists of a carbon disk riding on stainless steel rotors supported by a triangle of three smaller carbon disks. Like the three legs of a stool, the system is perfectly balanced and incredibly low weight, providing smooth resistance through its full range of settings. As with all of Sage's SCS (Sealed Carbon System) configurations the Floating Tripod is sealed and impervious to outside elements such as sand, grit and salt, requiring no maintenance beyond simple rinsing...tough, smooth, waterproof!

About the Sage 4200 Series Fly Reel

The latest reel offering from Sage brings a sophisticated, high-performance drag system. The one revolution drag knob offers quick and precise drag settings and provides the kind of power and smoothness you’d expect from a large traditional drag system, only without the bulk or weight.

What Other Fly Reels Should I Consider?

The Sage 4200 Series Fly Reel is one of our best selling $300 reels, but it isn't our best selling reel in that price range.  That is the Lamson Litespeed.  Consumers that buy Sage Fly Rods however, like the Sage 4200 Series.  Both offer great features and are great purchases.  They each have sealed drags that utilize the same "O" ring system to seal the drag mechanism.  They both use a "compression" fit with no moving parts to remove or replace the spool.  The Ross Evolution LT is also a great choice for Ross Reel fans looking for a reel in the $300 price range.

Fly Line Buyer's Guide:

We make getting a fly line easy!  We have 2 suggestions on floating fly lines for trout.  This is based on our experience and consumer input.  If you would like a fly line installed, we will spool it up and provide backing at no cost.  Just be sure to let us know in the order comments if you would like left hand or right hand retrieval.

Rio Gold - a high performance line that has a non-textured slick coating and is very good for experienced casters that don't necessarily need to "feel" the rod load in order to get a good cast.  This is our best selling floating fly line.

Scientific Anglers GPX Textured - another high performance line that is 1/2 a line weight heavier than traditional lines making fast action rods feel slightly more forgiving.  You will be able to feel the rod load a bit more.  The textured surface seems to float high, mend well, and we see great customer satisfaction with this fly line.

FREE - Backing and setup with purchase of fly reel and fly line!

Sage 4200 Series Fly Reel Features

  • Fully Machined 6061-T6 aluminum, strong and corrosion resistant
  • Features Sage’s SCS Floating Tripod Drag design
  • One revolution drag knob for quick and precise drag settings
  • Smooth and reliable sealed carbon disc drag system
  • One-way roller clutch bearing for immediate drag engagement and simple retrieve conversion
  • Neoprene bag
  • Colors: Platinum, Bead Blast Bronze, Black
  • Complete Manual

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At Reds we ship all orders FREE via UPS and USPS and pay your sales tax.  In addition to a great price, you are also buying from a premium brick and mortar retailer whose passionate and knowledgeable shop staff will stop at nothing to provide you with the best possible advice and service.  Combine all this and you have the best deal on the internet!  Shop with confidence at Red's Fly Shop. 

Questions about the Sage 4200 Series Reels?... Ask a Pro! or call 509.933.2300

Please let us know which hand retrieve and what line you will be using, we install free backing!

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
SAGE-4230-BRONZE Sage Reel - Bronze - 3-4 $289.00
SAGE-4230-BRONZE-SPOOL Sage Reel - Bronze - 3-4 - Spool $145.00
SAGE-4230-EMBER Sage Reel - Ember - 3-4 $289.00
SAGE-4230-EMBER-SPOOL Sage Reel - Ember - 3-4 - Spool $145.00
SAGE-4230-PLATINUM Sage Reel - Platinum - 3-4 $289.00
SAGE-4230-PLATINUM-SPOOL Sage Reel - Platinum - 3-4 - Spool $145.00
SAGE-4230-STEALTH Sage Reel - Stealth - 3-4 $289.00
SAGE-4230-STEALTH-SPOOL Sage Reel - Stealth - 3-4 - Spool $145.00
SAGE-4250-BRONZE Sage Reel - Bronze - 5-6 $299.00
SAGE-4250-BRONZE-SPOOL Sage Reel - Bronze - 5-6 - Spool $150.00
SAGE-4250-EMBER Sage Reel - Ember - 5-6 $299.00
SAGE-4250-EMBER-SPOOL Sage Reel - Ember - 5-6 - Spool $150.00
SAGE-4250-PLATINUM Sage Reel - Platinum - 5-6 $299.00
SAGE-4250-PLATINUM-SPOOL Sage Reel - Platinum - 5-6 - Spool $150.00
SAGE-4250-STEALTH Sage Reel - Stealth - 5-6 $299.00
SAGE-4250-STEALTH-SPOOL Sage Reel - Stealth - 5-6 - Spool $150.00
SAGE-4260-BRONZE Sage Reel - Bronze - 6-7 $304.00
SAGE-4260-BRONZE-SPOOL Sage Reel - Bronze - 6-7 - Spool $152.50
SAGE-4260-EMBER Sage Reel - Ember - 6-7 $304.00
SAGE-4260-EMBER-SPOOL Sage Reel - Ember - 6-7 - Spool $152.50
SAGE-4260-PLATINUM Sage Reel - Platinum - 6-7 $304.00
SAGE-4260-PLATINUM-SPOOL Sage Reel - Platinum - 6-7 - Spool $152.50
SAGE-4260-STEALTH Sage Reel - Stealth - 6-7 $304.00
SAGE-4260-STEALTH-SPOOL Sage Reel - Stealth - 6-7 - Spool $152.50
SAGE-4280-BRONZE Sage Reel - Bronze - 7-8 $309.00
SAGE-4280-BRONZE-SPOOL Sage Reel - Bronze - 7-8 - Spool $155.00
SAGE-4280-EMBER Sage Reel - Ember - 7-8 $309.00
SAGE-4280-EMBER-SPOOL Sage Reel - Ember - 7-8 - Spool $155.00
SAGE-4280-PLATINUM Sage Reel - Platinum - 7-8 $309.00
SAGE-4280-PLATINUM-SPOOL Sage Reel - Platinum - 7-8 - Spool $155.00
SAGE-4280-STEALTH Sage Reel - Stealth - 7-8 $309.00
SAGE-4280-STEALTH-SPOOL Sage Reel - Stealth - 7-8 - Spool $155.00
SAGE-4210-BRONZE Sage Reel - Bronze - 9-10 $319.00
SAGE-4210-BRONZE-SPOOL Sage Reel - Bronze - 9-10 - Spool $160.00
SAGE-4210-EMBER Sage Reel - Ember - 9-10 $319.00
SAGE-4210-EMBER-SPOOL Sage Reel - Ember - 9-10 - Spool $160.00
SAGE-4210-PLATINUM Sage Reel - Platinum - 9-10 $319.00
SAGE-4210-PLATINUM-SPOOL Sage Reel - Platinum - 9-10 - Spool $160.00
SAGE-4210-STEALTH Sage Reel - Stealth - 9-10 $319.00
SAGE-4210-STEALTH-SPOOL Sage Reel - Stealth - 9-10 - Spool $160.00
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  5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Sage 4250 Fly Reel January 3, 2013
Reviewer: Craig Bangert  
The Sage 4200 Series Fly Reel is amazing! Im one that takes care of all of my gear, but my buddy has the same reel as me, and does not take such good care of his stuff.. Anyways, the reel is durable! Smooth drag and a great feel makes the 4200 a very popular reel in the rivers around my house in Heber City, Utah. Mine is a 5 weight, paired with a 9 foot Sage Vantage rod, The very best, while not breaking the bank! Love my reel and I recommend it to anyone who is in the market! You'll be hooked on sage.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Light, smooth and durable January 3, 2013
Reviewer: Brandon Collett from Utah  
Tried this reel a couple weeks ago on a Sage One 4 wt w/ a RIO Gold on it. Could not have asked for a better set up for our Green Drake hatch here in Utah. This reel is light, smooth, and durable. The drag adjustments are perfect for fighting the fish of your life or a small stream brookie. The enclosed drag system is very smooth and stays smooth since dirt and grim can't get in there.

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Perfect balance on Sage ONE rod January 17, 2012
Reviewer: Ben from Olympia, WA  
I did it.  I got the whole package.  I bought the Sage ONE 590-4 and put a Sage 4200 Series reel on and the balance is sweeeeeet!  I am glad I did it, this wasn't easy to do but I have the fly rod and reel I always wanted.  I don't live far from the Sage rod factory and am super proud to have both a Sage rod and reel.  I really like how the drag system clicks and there are numbers so I can see exactly where my drag is set.

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