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Sage ACCEL Spey Rod, Reel, and Spey Line Package
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3 Line/Setup Option for Sage ACCEL Spey Rods

- This is the most popular setup and found on 80% of the spey rods out there, and the best choice for anyone just breaking into the spey game. We'll match the rod you choose with the correct Skagit Shooting Head. It is a great choice because of its versatility and favored by anglers fishing in in compact situations requiring a short head, large flies, and sink tips. The Skagit Shooting Head will also throw small flies, a floating tip (sold separately), and perform under the widest variety of conditions. This system requires use of RIO MOW tips. 5 weight spey rods use LIGHT MOW Tips, 6-7 use MEDIUM MOW TIPS, and 8-9 weight rods use HEAVY MOW Tips.


  • Sage ACCEL Spey Rod
  • Sage DOMAIN Fly Reel (let us know your preferred color in the order comments)
  • RIO Skagit MAX Shooting Head (sized to fit the rod you choose)
  • RIO Powerflex running line or OPST Lazar Please specify in the notes or it is our choice
  • RIO 10' T-11 MOW Sink Tip (If you had to choose one sink tip, this would be it)
  • RIO Backing Installed

2. WINTER PRIORITY SETUP - Anglers targeting Winter Steelhead, Chinook, or rivers with fast surface currents should consider the WINTER PRIORITY SETUP. This rod/reel will come RTF with a Skagit Intermediate Shooting Head. This line systems swings across the river more slowly, and usually deeper because it gets under the surface currents. Skagit Intermediate lines are part sinking, part floating, and present a fly to fish in the bottom half of the water column very effectively. This system requires the use of RIO iMOW Sink Tips. OR a full 10' of T-8, T-11, or T-14. MOW tips that are part floating/part sinking should not be used with a Skagit Intermediate head.


  • Sage ACCEL Spey Rod
  • Sage DOMAIN Fly Reel (let us know your preferred color in the order comments)
  • SKAGIT INTERMEDIATE Shooting Head - We will choose the appropriate head based on the rod you choose. If you have a personal preference, please let us know.
  • RIO 10' T-11 MOW Sink Tip - This system requires the use of RIO iMOW Sink Tips unless it is a full 10' of sink tip.
  • RIO Powerflex running line or OPST Lazar Please specify in the notes or it is our choice
  • RIO Backing Installed

3. SUMMER PRIORITY SETUP - This system is for the angler fishing for Summer steelhead or Atlantic Salmon from August - October and would like the best line for presenting small lightweight flies. Depending on the rod, this will be some type of Scandinavian style shooting head. These heads are longer than Skagit heads therefore require less stripping of the line back in after a presentation, hence less shooting line back out. These lines are favored by slightly more experienced spey casters especially when casting for distance. Longer heads are more stable in flight and cast further than Skagit Heads. These lines also tend to unfurl and land much softer than Skagit heads making them highly advantageous in clear water that is relatively flat. This system requires use of RIO Spey Versileaders.


  • Sage ACCEL Spey Rod
  • Sage DOMAIN Fly Reel (let us know your preferred color in the order comments)
  • (sized to fit rod weight)
  • Scandinavian Style Shooting Head (varies based on rod model, if you have a personal preference simply let us know in the order comments). We will choose the line that best fits that particular model.
  • RIO Powerflex running line or OPST Lazar Please specify in the notes or it is our choice
  • RIO Spey Versileader 10' 3.9 ips
  • RIO Backing Installed

SAGE ACCEL Rod Weight and Recommendations

6126-4 - Great rod for light summer steelhead fishing. Fish to 10 pounds can be tamed with this rod. A bit on the big side for trout spey, but would be a fun way to streamer fish for trout if you want to polish your casting. It is a DREAM to cast and is surprisingly light in hand. Keep the flies sized reasonably and this rod won't complain about casting to the far shore.

7126-4 - This is the best seller. It is VERY easy to cast and develops tight loops without required Tommy John surgery on your elbow a few years down the line. Beginners and advanced casters alike cling to this rod. In comparing this rod to the 7136-4, it is better on mid sized water and gets you started easier when it comes to making very short casts inside the head and feeds line which makes getting started easier.

7136-4 - This probably should be the best seller. Anyone taking on bigger rivers, winter fishing, or wants to cast long without having to struggle will love this rod. A 13'6" rod picks sink tips and flies UP out of the water upon casting better and makes your fishing easier, more efficient, and is much better for beginner to intermediate casters.

8136-4 - This is the best rod for winter fishing with big flies or when you have Chinook in the system. Smooth, great casting, and very good for anglers that need to cover some water. It doesn't feel like a big rod but the line JUMPS out there. Very capable of handling Kings and Steelhead of almost any size. It wouldn't be our first choice as a dedicated King rod but is a good overlap.

Detailed Information on the Sage ACCEL Spey Rod

“Adding a graphite hoop core and axial fiber material in the new Generation 5 technology allowed for a lighter, ultra-responsive, and livelier blank with a narrower shaft,” says Sage chief rod designer Jerry Siem. “The ACCEL permits anglers to feel the rod load for optimum casting control.”
The ACCEL comes in an emerald green blank color with olive green thread wraps with garnet and black trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripper guides and hard-chromed snake guides and tip top complete the blank. Freshwater rods from 3-6 weights have a rosewood insert with stealth black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat and a snub-nose, half-wells cork handle. Saltwater models from 6-9 weights feature a stealth black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat and also feature a snub-nose, half-wells cork handle. The switch and two-hand models have a cork grip on both the fore and rear grips.

The ACCEL will come in a black rod bag with emerald green logo and model tag inside a leaf green ballistic nylon rod tube with a divided liner. All models come in 4-piece configurations and will be available in August 2014. Single-hand rods will retail from $595, switch rods will retail for $695, and the two-handed models will retail for $750.

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