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Sage MOD Spey Rods Review and Information
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Sage MOD Spey Rods

by Joe Rotter @ Red's

It seems like we all get really excited when a new rod comes out, but at Red's we tend to wait until we can get some extensive time on the water before we draw too many opinions. We have to use it on the river, feel it in action, and face some real world challenges before we give it the full endorsement.

I tested this rod a bit before I took the plunge, and wasn't sure I would ever replace the old 6126-4 Sage European Style rod that I have been using as my "light spey" for the last 13 years. I got the 6130-4 this fall and haven't looked back. I use it as the lighter of my two spey setups and have cast everything from dry lines and dry flies to Skagit Intermediate Heads and T-11 and this rod doesn't complain. I have personally never cast such a fine spey rod. Yes, this is my opinion but we sell a large variety of brands at Red's and I'm still not bashful about giving it the appropriate credit.

Yes I realize this is a raving endorsement but at $1050 I expect A LOT out of a spey rod. That is what surprised me! I didn't think it would exceed my expectations. This is an investment, not just a little purchase. I anticipate using this rod for the next 15+ years. I got 13 good years out of my last 6 weight spey rod and it was top of the line when I bought it many years ago. What I really like about the MOD is that despite it being incredibly lightweight, having a moderate action, and being a 6 weight is that it will throw anything without complaint. It is shocking how much energy is transferred through this blank.

I have also found that despite being a moderate action, the loops I can throw are incredibly tight which translates into big distance, less wind drift, and I can punch it under trees on the opposite shoreline. I personally prefer softer action spey rods because when I am spey fishing the game is usually about making A LOT of good consistent casts for hours if not days on end. Moderate actions, like the Sage MOD, do that for me. I equate it to spending 8 hours straight at the golf driving range. I need a rod (or club) that will allow me to cast consistently for hundreds of strokes. This helps me find the fish and have fun doing it.

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Line Recommendations for the Sage MOD Spey Rods 6130-4 and 7130-4

6130-4 - 13' 6 Weight Sage MOD

The 6 weight is great for all around Steelheading. If you plan to fish Chinook or go to the Olympic Penninsula/BC for Steelhead it might be best to get the 7 weight. I have handled 12 pound fish on this rod, no problem. 20 pound Kings? Better get more lumber. This rod is super fun to cast and at the end of the day you'll still be throwing great casts. No fatigue.

450 Grain RIO Skagit MAX - Good for general fishing and utility work.
425 Grain RIO Skagit Intermediate iFlight - GREAT for winter steelhead, Chinook, or rivers with swift surface currents
400 Grain RIO Scandi Shooting Head - Great for wide rivers, smaller flies, smoother currents, and summer run steelhead

7130-4 - 13' 7 Weight Sage MOD

525 Grain RIO Skagit MAX - Good for general fishing and utility work.
500 Grain RIO Skagit Intermediate iFlight - GREAT for winter steelhead, Chinook, or rivers with swift surface currents
460 Grain RIO Scandi Shooting Head - Great for wide rivers, smaller flies, smoother currents, and summer run steelhead

The team working in the design pod on Bainbridge Island, WA nailed it on this rod. Did we say "design pod"? What we meant was the RIVER! The combination of smooth/power is ever present in this rod. We have found it easy to cast, smooth, no fatigue, and most important NO FRUSTRATION.
The rod unloads when it is supposed to unload.The Sage MOD is offered in both 6 and 7 weights in the 13' length. These spey rods have some character and a progressive action. We really like the Sage ACCEL myself, but this is definately a cut above. If budget is not an issue, buy the right rod and get the Sage MOD. It is a rod that a novice spey caster can buy, cast, effectively fish, and never want another rod again so long as they live.
The moderate action of the MOD Spey rods will provide easy and deep loading for winter steelheaders casting heavy flies and sink-tips on Skagit-style lines. Summer steelheaders will appreciate the soft presentation capabilities when paired with a Scandinavian or long-belly line. The uniquely sized Spey models feature weights and lengths not available in existing Sage two-handed families

  • Konnetic Technology®
  • Moderate action
  • Jade blank color
  • Yellow-Green thread wraps with Black trim wraps
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Hard Chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Gloss Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
  • Super Plus cork fore grip and rear grip
  • Black rod bag with Jade logo and model tag
  • Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion


Improved accuracy is a result of smoother tracking and increased line speed and line control... all features of Sage’s revolutionary Konnetic Technology®. Creating an impossibly light blank with enhanced hand-to-fly sensitivity, Konnetic Technology utilizes advanced modulus positioning that places carbon fibers to exacting tolerances. This creates slimmer blank profiles with unparalleled strength and efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Konnetic Technology’s highly responsive and robust blanks feel connected, offering significantly enhanced torsional stability and minimal vibration for casts that track effortlessly and accurately.
  • Unique, proprietary carbon/resin composite developed specifically for Konnetic Technology® rods and found exclusively in Sage rods.
  • Advanced modulus positioning creates slimmer profiles, greater strength, and more efficient energy transfer along the length of the shaft.
  • Optimized hoop to axial fiber positioning reduces blank weight and enhances cross-sectional strength
and performance.
  • High compression molding for increased fiber density, reducing weight with uncompromised durability.
  • Superior tracking through minimized lateral and torsional movement.
  • Focused energy transfer creates greater connectivity with less effort.

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