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Sage ONE Switch Rods

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ONE-SWITCH-7116 Sage One Switch Rods - 7116-4 - 11'6" - 7 Weight - 4 Piece - Switch Rod
$710.00 (Out of Stock)
ONE-SWITCH-8116 Sage One Switch Rods - 8116-4 - 11'6" - 8 Weight - 4 Piece - Switch Rod
$710.00 (Out of Stock)
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Product Description:

Sage ONE Switch Rods

At this point two things in fly fishing are certain. First, Switch Rods are an incredible fishing tool and are here to stay. They allow an angler to bridge a variety of strategies and techniques and do it with one rod. Second, the Sage ONE family and Konnetic Technology has revolutionized fly rods. It is lighter, stronger, and more responsive than other construction processes. The Konnetic process calls for a smaller diameter blank with thicker walls. The result is a rod that is both lighter and stronger. This new technology also makes the rod track (or cast straight). There is very little left/right wobble and the result is not only more accuracy but more efficiency because your cast cuts straight into the air or wind and doesn't have parts of the loop out of alignment with the primary momentum of the line. Longer straighter casts with a rod that is lighter. This is the result of Konnetic Technology.

Just shoot us an email and we can set up custom packages Ready To Fish with rod reel and line.

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About the Sage ONE Switch Rods

The new Two-Handed ONE spey rods place all the remarkable benefits of Konnetic technology in both of your hands. Its lighter weight and decidedly thinner profile are welcome assets over a long day of fishing, reducing casting fatigue and minimizing wind resistance for tireless casts. Thanks to the shaft�s significantly enhanced torsional stability, the rod recovers extremely quickly as it moves through the cast, optimizing load carry and line speed for long, smooth, flawless casts every time. The shaft�s decreased lateral movement and vibrations keep you more connected to your line, cast, mends and swing

Fly Line Buyer's Guide for Sage ONE Switch Rods

Rio Switch Line Recommendations

2014 Fly Line Buyers Guide for Switch Rods

Ok, so things change fast in the switch rod game. Its like the damn stock market half the time. As products change, we have a team of guides that use, fish, and sell switch rods year round so please know that our information is based on actual river time and up to date. Below you will find some cliff notes to help you find the right fly line for you. Keep in mind that there is LOTS of overlap here and many lines will work for a variety of things. With that being said, it is wise to buy the line that works BEST for what you plan to do most of the time. If you plan to swing flies on rivers, get a shooting head with a Rio Grip Shooter Running Line. If you plan to nymph fish most of the time, get a Rio Switch Line. If you fall right there in the middle, get an integrated shooting head like a Rio Switch Chucker Fly Line or a Wulff Ambush Fly Line. Between the video and the notes, you should no longer suffer from SLC, Switch Line Confusion.

Download Video from YouTube | Convert to MP3

Rio Switch Chucker Fly Line - A great all around line, integrated running line. The best line for all around fishing conditions, but not the best at any one category. If you are going to nymph fish big water consider adding a 10′ Floating Rio MOW Tip to the end of this line. This line is also great for stripping streamers because it has an integrated running line so you dont get the loop clang as your loop-to-loop connection goes through your guides. This line is spot on for size, a #7 line matches with a #7 rod. Perfect for fast action rods longer than 11′, such as the Redington Prospector, Sage ONE, Sage METHOD, or Redington Dually (the #5 Chucker is heavy if you plan to get the #5 Dually get a #4 Chucker).

Wulff Ambush Fly Line - Shoots like a rocket, short head, great for the shorter switch rods like the Echo SR and the TFO Deer Creek. Medium fast action rods 11′ or less like this line and eat it up! We like this line on the Echo SR, Echo Classic, Redington Dually (esp. the 4 6 weights), and the TFO Deer Creek Switch Rod. It has an integrated running line and is good for swinging flies, stripping flies, and indicator fishing small water if you put a 10′ Floating Rio MOW Tip on it.

Rio Scandi Short Versi-tip - Great line for anglers that want to primarily spey cast with moderate sized flies. One of the sweetest casting lines, it is pure joy rearing back and setting up fora cast with this line. Tight loops. It will overhead cast pretty well. Needs a running line, this is the head/tips only.

Rio Skagit Max Short Head - Big flies are this lines specialty. Not a good overhand line. Great with Rio MOW tips (get the light MOW tips). No stretch core makes this a salmon killer when you need great hook penetration for fish with significant bone structure.

Rio Grip Shooter Running Line - The most popular running/shooting line. Pair this with the Skagit Max or the Rio Scandi Short.

Rio Switch Line - The best indicator line we sell. Good all around line, it will cast with sink tips BUT you wont look like Skagit Master. This line is not a shooting head.

Rio Perception WF Floating Line - If you want to try and make use of a line that you might use on another rod or already own, a WF Floating line that is 2 line weights up will usually cast pretty well.

Rio Outbound Coldwater Saltwater Here is your beach fishing master blaster. This is the long distance KING when pure coverage is at a premium. Use this in the sound or at the beech, OR take it stillwater fishing. They sell it in an intermediate sinking rate oh man. Think about leech fishing your favorite lakes with 100′ long bombs.

Fly Reels for the Sage ONE:

On the Sage ONE, we most commonly pair it up with a Sage 4280 Fly Reel. On the Sage ONE Switch Rods they are so light that a traditional "heavy" spey reel does not balance well. The Sage 4280 Balance well for the 6-8 weight switch rods.

Sage 4200 Series Fly Reel

Other Switch Rods to Consider

There are some other rods in this category of high performance high performance switch rods. The G Loomis Roaring River GLX Switch, and the Sage TCX Switch are both fantastic rods. Both offer a bit more spey power than the Sage ONE but neither have the overhead finesse that the Sage ONE offers. In the budget realm, try the TFO Deer Creek Switch or the Echo SR Switch Rod. Both are fine rods for the money but if at all possible, try to demo the Sage ONE Switch Rod alongside these other models.

Sage Fly Rod Warranty:

The Sage fly rod warranty covers breakage and their are some exceptions including fire, theft, and loss. The angler can send in the broken rod directly to Sage and for a handling fee of $50 Sage will repair or replace the rod. They have a great crew and turnaround times are some of the best in the industry.

Rod Cases and Rod Tube

The Sage ONE comes with a nice aluminum tube. Many anglers choose to get a Sage Rod and Reel Case as well so that they don't have to take their reel off of their rod each and every time they want to use it.

  • Fast Action
  • Konnetic Technology Construction
  • Fuji ceramic stripping guides
  • Hard Chrome Snake Guides
  • High grade, custom tapered, shaped cork handles
  • Walnut wood and Golden Bronze-colored aluminum anodized freshwater reel seat
  • Black powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

Sage ONE Switch Rod Review

I finally got my hands on the new Sage ONE Switch Rod and got out streamer fishing with it on the Yakima River yesterday. A few of us each took turns swinging and dead drifting big Sculpin patterns for trout similar to what we would use for Steelhead fishing. We casted several different flies and sink tips on several models and we found the rods to be very versatile. Spey or single hand didn't matter, both styles were easy to cast. We did change directions a lot and cast with a big variety of obstacles using both left and right shoulder techniques. More on the fishing in a moment.

The Background...

When this new family of rods first came out, I will admit that I was very skeptical. We hear it all the time in this business, “it’s the newest latest greatest invention…” blah blah blah. It is frankly pretty annoying as a retailer when manufacturers change up there product lines because truthfully most of the newer models are not much of an improvement and you have to dump the old at discount prices. This drives us nuts. At Red’s we try to weed out the trash and focus on products that are not only a legitimate improvement but have a good value for the average angler. So when the Z-Axis family disappeared and we heard about this great new rod and technology we were like, “here we go again”… (irritated sigh). After a few months of testing these rods, fishing them, and putting them in real world play we have never been more impressed.

I cold bore you to sleep with all the scientific jargon behind how Sage has reinvented rod construction with this new line of rods, but here are the real world benefits of Konnetic Technology and the Sage ONE as I see it.

  1. Lighter. Much lighter than its predecessor and WAY lighter than its competitors. In the Switch Rod game this means that high sticking, elevated mends, and rod handling results in far less fatigue. You will fish better for longer. This is a big improvement over its competitors. Overhand casting is now a pleasure instead of a chore.
  2. Tougher. This is the most overlooked advantage of the Sage ONE rod. The unique construction process has allowed Sage to build rods that have thicker walls but thinner diameters. This results in a tough rod with incredible breaking strength. You don’t expect this out of a light rod.
  3. Straighter casts. Ok, so you are thinking “Switch Rods aren’t for pin point accuracy anyway”. Here is the real deal. When you line up a shot with your Switch rod, be it a spey or overhead stroke, once the rod’s momentum starts in a certain direction all energy of the rod winds up being exerted that exact line. The Sage ONE and the Konnetic process has proven this beyond argument. These rods track straighter and more accurately than other rods resulting in more efficient casts. Now when you throw 80’ of line – it lands straighter and more crisp. Rather than having 80’ of wrinkled up slack, the TRUE distance of the cast is achieved with a nice straight tight delivery of the line and leader.
  4. Longevity. Having been a guide for 12 seasons now I have seen a few models come and go and bought lots of rods over the years. We visit with thousands of customers about what rods they have, love, hate, and of course which ones are collecting dust. One thing we have found is that when customers buy top quality rods they last longer in all ways. They enjoy fishing them more and don’t want to replace them. The finish and components don’t wear out and break. The cork is higher grade and doesn’t wind up with missing chunks after a few years and the graphite holds its punch. The Sage ONE is a tough rod and will no doubt hold its value. It will become your favorite rod instantly.
  5. Longer without the weight. Even at 6”+ longer than its direct competitors, like the Echo SR and the TFO Deer Creek, it is a much lighter rod. The length helps pick up sink tips better and heavy flies making a shot to the far bank more achievable. I honestly didn’t even notice the extra 6” and I was leery about it before I even picked up the rod.

As it relates to fly lines for the Sage ONE. The most popular and best casting line was the Rio Scandi Short Versitip. We threw Skagit Short lines and the Scandi as well as a Rio Grand single hand line one line weight heavier than the rod. The Scandi was by far the smoothest casting line in the bunch, not even close. We used a 10' MOW tip with a Fast sinking rate and all models picked it up fine. The Skagit Short was our least favorite line, it is just so chunky compared to the Scandi. On Spey rods I personally like a Skagit better but it bogged the rod down too much. However, I was fishing alongside George Cook the other day and he gave me the line chart below personally and he said that winter angler's on the 7-8 weights will love the Skagit short for heaving junk. We casted the 4116-4, 7116-4, and the 8116-4. All were super rods of course and I am slightly torn on the 8 vs. 7 weight. Historically the 7 weight switch is the right call for Steelhead but part of that motivation was because the rods are heavy and tougher to cast overhand. With the Sage ONE I am questioning whether the 8 or 7 would be better. In my eyes the deciding factor is whether or not you are going to fish Winter Steelhead with it OR if you might use it for trout.

Applications for the Sage ONE Switch Rods

4116-4 Sage ONE – Trout only, maybe some light work on open water bass, panfish, or a light rod for the beach that can be cast overhead for Sea Run Cutts.

5116-4 SageONE – Same as the 4, but with a slight overlap into small summer steelhead and/or if you want to throw more distance on the beach.

6116-4 Sage ONE – Alaskan trout, big river trout with streamers, and “junk” under an indicator, this is the perfect overlap rod for the fisherman that is going to hit trout and Summer Steelhead. It will pitch big stuff if you ask it to at reasonable distances but won’t require Ibuprofen if you want to cast overhead.

7116-4 Sage ONE – This is the shortstop of the Sage ONE switch family. It has a light feel so it wouldn’t be total overkill for streamer fishing large trout or high sticking indicators and big stonefly nymphs. Get this if you primarily want to fish summer steelhead with only a little overlap into Winter fish or Salmon.

8116-4 Sage ONE – This is the rod for somebody whom is going “steelhead exclusive” and wants a Switch to do it all. More power for spey distance than the 7 weight so if your plan is rear back and throw some Intruders then this is the rod for you. Still it maintains a very lightweight feel and wasn’t an inconvenience to throw for trout. Forget about doing any trout fishing with this. It would be like the ’85 Bears playing against a high school squad. Not pretty.

The Sage ONE Switch rod is a big improvement over the original Z-Axis but more importantly it is a cut above the two rods that have dominated the Switch Rod market for some time. For years the mid-grade $300 rods were pretty comparable to the high rods but the Sage ONE changed that. Just throw a single cast with each and you can decide for yourself. Do we expect everyone to buy this rod? Not at all. The person that buys this rod is the one that wants uncompromising performance above all else. It is a smoother, more accurate, and better cast along with a much lighter weight rod that is super tough. If you want to measure our credibility, we never promoted the Z-Axis Switch rod over the Deer Creek or Echo SR, it was just hard to justify the extra $400. In the Sage ONE Switch Rods, the value is pretty apparent the first time you cast it. We sell lots of Switch Rods, you can call our staff for some friendly info and get great help. Call us to order or get advice at 509.933.2300 or email us at

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Love this rod! July 28, 2016
Reviewer: Kris Rehder from Banks, OR United States  
Lightweight, but shoots like a cannon.  Found my new favorite rod.  Also, top-notch customer service.  Staff recommended this rod based off my specific fishing needs.  Rod was at my door step in less than 24 hrs. Very satisfied and will continue to shop at Red's!

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
My New Rod July 11, 2012
Reviewer: Joe Rotter from Head Guide - Red's Fly Shop  
This rod is a big improvement on some already great products.  I just got this and although I have been fishing a TFO Deer Creek for a long time, the Sage ONE is my new rod of choice.  Love it.  Super light, tough, crisp, and it overhead casts like a dream.  Most of you know that for years I endorsed the TFO Deer Creek over the Sage Z-Axis, the Sage ONE is a different animal all together.  Amazing rod.

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