Fly Fishing Rods and Complete Outfits for Beginners

What Weight Rod Should You Get?

Most anglers fishing trout sized species, lightweight bass, and panfish will want a 5 weight. Most rods are 9' long and graphite, but this isn't always the best. Shorter rods are generally more accurate and easier to cast at ranges under 45' which is where 90% of the fish get caught. Shorter rods don't tend to fish weighted wet flies, or nymphs, quite as effectively. There are some shorter rods made out of modern fiberglass, or "fast glass" that are excellent for beginning anglers that plan to fish primarily on small streams. Although fiberglass is less common, don't rule it out if you plan to fish creeks. These rods are very flexible and fun to cast because you can feel the rod bend. Also, if you know that you will be fishing small creeks and streams then a #3 or #4 might be great, or if you know that you'll be fishing Bass, lakes, and large rivers a #6 might be a good plan. Either way you can't go wrong. Getting your very own fly rod is a big step and crucial to gaining proficiency with a fly rod.

What Hand Will You Reel With?

90% of right handed anglers cast with their right hand, reel with their left. There are a few exceptions however that prefer to move the rod into their left hand when its time to reel. All of our setups come set up Left Hand Retrieve, meaning you will reel with your left hand, unless you specify otherwise in the order comments.

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