Burkheimer Single Hand Fly Rods

CF Burkheimer trout rods have been quietly taking over the quality trout waters the world over. Find an angler that quietly goes about his business, casts a beautiful line with accuracy and precision and more than likely you'll find a Burkie in his hand. Trout fishing is much more than just a 9-foot, five-weight game. You want to throw big streamers? That’s a 695-4. Midges in a back eddy? Look to a 389-4. There are a host of presentation situations out there, from small spring creeks to big western rivers. We’ve got a rod for them all.
Our trout rods are light in the hand, but heavy in performance. If they don’t cast 80 feet with good turnover right after dropping a fly on a quarter at 25, they’re not Burkheimers. We build rods that you’ll love to fish with, because you deserve it and the trout deserve it. While our trout rods contain plenty of technology, we don’t use buzz-word marketing lingo to describe tapers or models. That’s not the Burkheimer way. Instead, we prefer to focus on building exceptional fly rods—fly rods with that Burkie feel.

Red's Fly Shop carries a great inventory or Burkheimer single hand rods for trout and other species best pursued with a traditional fly rod. These rods are built from the very best materials available and built just a few hours from Red's Fly Shop. We have hosted the owner of the company at our shop, and feel these are among the best rods ever built. Very few hands touch these rods and you can rest assured they are built by craftsman, not robots. These rods have a real soul and flex with an attitude. You get to feel the rod bend deep but it still rebounds with tremendous energy.
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