Packing List for Summer Steelhead Fishing Trips

Anglers fishing summer steelhead, primarily the Columbia River system, will encounter a variety of circumstances. This gear list and suggested flies will help you make the most out of your adventure whether its with Red's, DIY, or even another outfitter.

Gear Checklist:

 Double handed rods in 11' to 14 feet for 6 to 8 weight. (switch rods are ok for advanced casters, new to intermediate casters should cast traditional 12'6" - 13'6" rods)
 Single Hand 7-8 Weight Rod with Floating Line
 Skagit Head (floating)
 Scandi Head (floating)
 Skagit Head Intermediate essential for targeting Chinook when available
 Sinktips covering a wide range of depth, from intermediate thru Type 6 and 8 and 20’+ of T-14, or equivalent.
 Poly leaders can be helpful for clear water, low water scenarios.
 Floating line or Floating tip
 All running lines and backing should be at least 30-lb test.
 Large arbor, disc drag reels with minimum 150 yards 30-lb backing.
 Leader material in 10 – 25 pound break strength. Maxima Ultragreen is most popular for spey, RIO Fluorocarbon for nymph fishing.
 1" Thingamabobber or Airlock Indicators if you nymph fish
 Flies - Bring a variety of both weighted and non-weighted patterns. Spey fisherman need to always have several dry flies as well during summer and fall seasons.
 Nymphs in the #4 - #10 range - Stone nymphs, October Caddis Pupae, and Egg Patterns
 Wading Staff

Clothing, Waders, and General Gear

 High-quality breathable waders in good condition, with repair kit
 High-quality breathable raincoat in good condition
 Stout, felt soled wading boots with good ankle support.
 Rubber Sole Boots should have studs.
 Long sleeved shirt
 Insulated Primaloft Type Jacket
 Fishing Gloves
 Stocking Cap
 Lightweight and fleece long underwear
 Fleece sweater or jacket
 Casual clothing for wearing around the lodge.
 Toiletries
 Camera
 Sunscreen
 Water proof boat bag
 Water bottle
 Liquor, Beer, or Wine
 Polarized sun glasses, multiple pairs if possible

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