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Fly Line Backing is a filler that is installed between your fly line and the reel. Often times in fly fishing you may need more line than a typical 100' fly line allows. Especially when pursuing larger species. The amount of backing can vary from 50 yards for small trout up to 400 yards or more on large saltwater reels.

Backing for trout sized fish is often 20# dacron. Backing for saltwater species is often rated up to 68#. If you add backing, a fly line, and reel to your cart our team will properly install it for you at no extra charge. Be sure to confirm with us which hand you plan to reel with (left or right) as it matters what direction the backing and line are wound around the spool.

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RIO Fly Line Backing RIO Fly Line Backing

RIO Fly Line Backing

RIO’s traditional Dacron braided backing features high strength and low stretch and is unsurpassed in quality.

We do install free RIO Dacron backing on every reel and spool sold as long as you ask in the order notes for backing and tell us which hand retrieve. It is also free when buying a reel and line.

Our Price: $9.99 to 24.99
Hatch PE Premium Fly Line Backing Hatch PE Premium Fly Line Backing

Hatch PE Premium Fly Line Backing

At Hatch, we’ve created a backing material that has the touch and feel of Dacron combined with the strength and diameter of Gel Spun in a single 8 braid PE line for use in all fly fishing applications.

Why only one size backing?
Take a look at the chart below. You’ll see that the diameter of Hatch backing is equal to or less than our competitors’ products. Now look at the lb/kg ratings. You’ll notice right away that our material is stronger than everyone else’s. The diameter of the line determines how much backing builds up on the arbor of a reel, not the pound rating. So, a single diameter line can be used effectively in all fly-fishing applications – fresh or saltwater.

.015″ / 37mm
68lb / 30kg
100m = 108 yards
200m = 216 yards
400m = 432 yard
Orange, White, Blue

Our Price: $29.00 to 100.00
RIO Fly Line Backing - 2-Tone Gel Spun RIO Fly Line Backing - 2-Tone Gel Spun

RIO Fly Line Backing - 2-Tone Gel Spun

Two-tone GSP Backing: RIO's premium quality Gel Spun Backing metered every 50 yds with a color change from Red to Yellow. The color change gives the angler a visual reference to determine how far a long running saltwater species has gone and how much line there is to be retrieved.

This universal backing is appropriate for any rod/reel size and equally suited for all species; from trout to tarpon. It is roughly the same diameter as traditional 20 lb Dacron backing and reel capacity can be determined as such. Available in perfect fill amounts for every angling situation.

Our Price: $29.99 to $89.99