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Tierra Del Fuego - Fly Fishing for Sea Run Brown Trout

The weather can be harsh in TDF so we encourage you to buy the best outerwear and waders that you can afford. A good Gore-tex jacket that is comfortable with a solid layer of insulation underneath it is standard attire. Our guests tend to fish two-handed rods most of the time, and you'll find that this list reflects that.

  • Skagit line with appropriate tip system to fish all conditions
  • Scandi line for skating dries or fishing just under the surface (full floating or intermediate)
  • Assorted flies: 2 dozen large swinging flies, approx. 5 dozen assorted nymphs (weighted, unweighted, sizes 12-16)
  • 0X and 1X monofilament tippet AND fluorocarbon tippet spools. We prefer fluoro for swinging small nymphs.
  • Rods: 2 switch/ spey (6, 7, or 8 wt recommended) and one single hand 8 weight
  • Sink tips - my favorites are 10' and 12.5' T-11, 10' T-14, Intermediate, and floating. For spey rods 13' and longer, bring 15' tips in Type 3, 6, and 8.
  • Hemostats with nippers

Don't go cheap on flies! The most important part of the fly is a quality hook. You don't want the reason you lost your fish of a lifetime to be because you straightened or broke a hook that you saved a buck on!

  • Polarized Sunglasses: Amber/ Copper best all around
  • Sun screen
  • Under wader pants
  • Comfortable shoes/ slippers for wearing in the lodge
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Book to read
  • Fly tying vise for afternoon siesta time
  • (2-3) Lodge shirts (dinner wear)
  • (2) pairs Lodge/ travel pants
  • Bug repellant - we've never had issues but worth bringing
  • Personal medications
  • Passport (make a copy to keep in your luggage)
  • Jackets for layering - soft shell & puff ball, at least one hoody
  • Fishing Hats - Stocking and baseball
  • Camera
  • Dry bag for daily transport - extra jackets, fly boxes, head lamp, camera
  • Rain jacket
  • Hip pack or back pack to carry daily accessories if preferred
  • Fishing gloves
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